D. Christofordis 2014-06-17: From the initial request for an estimate, Steve was professional and always prompt. He took care of the problems I had with squirrels and provided guidance to eliminate future occurrances.

MJ R. 2014-06-13: Steve is very proactive and knowledgeable about pest control. he is user friendly, hustles and good at what he does. we had an awful cricket and ant problem which has now gone away. would highly recommend.

Kerry D 2014-03-05: A1 No Nonsense helped exterminate a flying squirrel from my home! The company was very attentive and quick with their service. I would recommend this company to others.

Rental Property Investors Michele & Bill G. 2013-12-30: We were very pleased with A1 No Nonsense Pest Control. Steve was professional, quick to respond and very efficient. Our rental property is now pest free. 

Eric Shaw - Roseton Facility 2013-11-15: Steve at A1 No Nonsense Pest Control provided our facility with fast, courteous service. Steve's professional, friendly manner assisted us in obtaining the proper permitting and efficiently eradicated our beaver nuisance. We are a large commercial facility that requires extraordinary precaution. Steve met all our needs with a smile. We will undoubtedly use his services in the future and recommend A1 to anyone.

Heather S. 2013-11-13: Got Bees? Not with Steve from A1 No Nonsense Pest Control around. Hearing my concern Steve rushed out at 8:30 pm to resolve my problem. He was a able to find and remove a gigantic bee hive that had been haunting us for months! He is reasonable and a really nice guy! A very happy customer! Heather from Wappingers.

Jose & Collen 2013-10-06: Steve at A1 No Nonsense is the most professional and friendly person. No matter what time of day or night he is always available. Our mouse problem was overwhelming and Steve came to our rescue! Thank you Steve! I highly recommend A1 No Nonsense Pest Control.

Rich 2013-09-09: I'm a restaurant owner and I trust Steve to handle any problems that may come up. In my business you have to keep a clean and pest free environment. I've used other "Big Name" company's in the past but they pale in comparison to Steve. Thanks A1 No Nonsense Pest Control.

A Beacon, NY Customer 2013-08-16: Steve was professional, on time, honest, and he resolved our flea infestation.

Lynne L. 2013-08-10: Steve was extremely professional and caring. He made a point of coming out right away -- the same afternoon I called -- to remove a bee's nest because a family member is deathly allergic. I couldn't have found a better person to do the job -- he knows his business, is kind, prompt, and just fantastic!

Rob H 2013-08-08: A1 No Nonsense Pest Control came to our business family picnic site prior to our barbeque and got rid of the many bees. Thanks to Steve no one got stung at the barbeque.

John B. 2013-08-08: Steve Piersa came to my restaurant and solved my pest control issues. He now maintains our restaurant as a bug-free family establishment.

Sandy & Dan D. 2012-08-16: July 26, 2012.......My husband, Dan, and I heard a faint scratching noise coming from the exterior wall of our bedroom. I emailed A1 No Nonsense Pest Control first thing the next morning. The owner, Steve, emailed back offering to come check it out that same day!! He arrived on time later that afternoon to identify the bee problem, and had the necessary equipment to handle our pest problem. A1 No Nonsense was very thorough in explaining to us the pest control treatment he used. He removed a bee hive and treated that area killing the bees that were visible and he treated the area where the bees were getting inside. By the second day the bees were history! We did not hear that scratching noise again. We are very happy with the speedy results AND would definitely recommend A1 No Nonsense Pest Control should anyone we know ever have a pest problem.

Brenda D. 2012-08-15: Thanks to A1 No Nonsense Pest Control, I don't have to listen to that raccoon family scurrying around in my attic. They are gone for good!

Mike C. 2012-08-15: Thanks to A1 No Nonsense Pest Control my kids can roam the back without tripping from the holes those furry groundhogs left!



Ray Chan
2015-09-11, 20:33
We called Steve last week as we have Wasps/Bees problems in our attic. He responded quickly and fix the problems professionally.
Steve was frien...